To satisfy our customers, we offer a wide range of flavours that varies with the seasons and adapted to the desires of everyone.


Each product meets very specific criteria in terms of rearing and feeding. We pay attention to traceability and treatment of animals.

As real “meat lovers” we think that responsible consumption is possible by promoting the quality and origins of our proposed products.

With our cooking method : baking oven to 800 °, and the use of a mixture of spices, we garantee you a unique meat taste.

Characteristics and origins of our pieces of beef :

« Dry-Aged » Rib of Beef

« The cheese ripened…the wine improves…the meat is matured »

The maturation of the meat is an essential step in the development of the meat. « Dry Aged » maturation is the result of an enzymatic process at the heart of the meat.

Maturation focuses and accentuates the raw flavor of the meat softens the structure of its fibers and develops some flavors specific to each race and each animal, depending on the age and how it was raised.

The term “Dry Aged” refers to the maturation as we practice in our maturing cellars, at 1-3 °C and the hydrometric rate rather low (below 80%).

*Salers :

Salers is a French cattle breed. Born in the highlands of Auvergne she owes her name to the medieval village of Salers. That meat is very red, juicy and tasty, and has a grain very appreciated by gourmets.

*Aubrac :

The name of this breed comes from the volcanic massif located in the southeast of the Massif Central in France. Production required to respect a strict specification (method of breeding, feeding, care, cutting …). This traditional breeding methods guarantees an unique flavor.

*Blonde de Galice – TXOGITXU :

Meat from the region of Galicia in northwestern Spain, a high mountainous territory and temperate throughout the year. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, cows Galicia enjoy a rich grass in iodine by the spray which makes it so special meat.

*Black Angus USA Prime Creekstone :

The Creekstone Farm (Kansas) raises pure breed Black Angus cattle. The animals are fed from birth with a 100 % vegetarian diet and then only with corn during a period from 140 to 180 days. As part of NHTC program, selected animals are not treated with any product stimulating growth or other additives. This meat is very appreciated by lovers of tenderness and the buttery taste in mouth.

*Black Angus Australien « Prenium Marble » :

Rangers Valley Farm, located in the south of Australia, raises pure Black Angus breed animals fed exclusively with cereals during a 300-day period. Raised with the same requirement as Kobe beef, the marbling level ensures an extremely tenderness of the meat and exquisite flavor.

*Bœuf de Kobe – le Wagyu :

This meat is considered by specialists as the “nectar” of meat. Its exclusive taste (incredible feeling of melting) makes it a highly sought-after product by lovers of exceptional meats. We offer a selection of real “Wagyu” directly imported from Japan (Kobe, Omi, Kagoshima and Miyazaki).